Best places to exchange currency in New York

As an international hub of finance and commerce, New York City attracts millions of tourists every year from across the globe. With so many foreign visitors, there is high demand to exchange currencies in NYC whether you are a traveler or expat. So where are the most convenient and economical options to trade USD for foreign cash or other monetary units and vice versa? This guide of the top spots helps travelers and locals find good reputable exchange locations throughout the city.


Perhaps the most popular and easy option is Travelex which has 18 locations in Manhattan alone plus additional booths at both JFK and LaGuardia airports. Travelex is a dependable company known for good rates and fast, efficient service. Their website and app also make it easy to check exchange rates and order currency for airport pickup – a good option to avoid long lines and get the best rate ahead of your travels. Daily hours of operation make Travelex shops convenient for any tourist or New Yorker needing currency on short notice.

JFK Airport Currency Exchanges

You will find about a dozen currency exchange desks on the arrivals and departures levels of JFK Airport Terminals 1 and 4 which is great for travelers. Several companies such as Travelex, Forex Bank, and EurochangeUSA have booths open seven days a week from early morning through evening hours. You also have plenty of choice to shop around for the best rate of the day. The JFK locations have some extended hours compared to other exchange bureaus around New York City as well. However, expect higher commission fees at the airport due to high rental costs.

Noah Bank Branches Headquartered in New York with branches throughout Manhattan, Queens, and New Jersey, regional Noah Bank is a popular and affordable option for currency exchange. Whether USD to South Korean Won, Euros, Japanese Yen and more, they handle exchange needs. Four Manhattan locations in Midtown and Koreatown plus Flushing, Palisades Park, and Fort Lee, NJ branches make convenient exchange stops for residents and visitors alike. Most are open six days a week with limited Sunday hours. Standard commissions and wire fees are lower relative to big exchange chains while still providing full-service.

Bank of America

If you do your day-to-day banking with Bank of America, they also exchange foreign currency at most branches around NYC. Any current account holder can conveniently trade USD for a wide range of popular currencies – over 50 in total including Euro, Yen, Yuan, Canadian Dollar and British Pound among others. BofA even has coin counting kiosks that take foreign coins. While their rates may not always be the absolute best compared to other locations on our list, the convenience factor for BofA customers makes it a competitive choice. No need to visit another bureau and pay wire fees to get or unload foreign cash.

S.W. Forex

For currency trading in amounts over $10,000, S.W. Forex operating primarily out of NYC is one of the top forex specialists in the U.S. They serve individuals as well as large institutions and businesses trading international currencies. Known to handle over $4 billion in transactions monthly, S.W. Forex can provide wholesale exchange rates. Services also include international payments facilitated by their trading desks using special investment strategies to improve returns. They have various NYC financial district locations open weekdays for trading or customer meetings by appointment. Reputation and client reviews are excellent.

Wells Fargo

Similar to Bank of America, current Wells Fargo customers can exchange foreign currency USD to over 50 global monetary units or vice versa at most area branches. While Wells Fargo also takes a transaction fee and offers day-to-day exchange rates comparable to other big banks, the convenience and service trusted WF account holders benefit from keeps them competitive to make this list. Visiting the bank where you have an established relationship for currency exchange means fast, efficient service meeting your needs without the hassle of wiring money to third parties when traveling or working abroad.

ACE Foreign Exchange

ACE FX is another good option with three convenient Manhattan locations in popular tourist areas – Penn Station, Times Square, and 34th Street near Macy’s. They specialize in currency exchange offering over 80 international currencies. Expect professional service with some of the lowest fees compared to major banks, airport kiosks or exchange chains, especially on high volume trades. While rates fluctuate based on interbank activity, ACE also aims to beat competitors. They have self-serve kiosks as well for simple point-of-sale style currency trading. It makes ACE FX shops easy to find and transact with around prime NYC tourist zones.

Wells Fargo ATMs

On top of branch locations, Wells Fargo customers can access foreign currency at Wells Fargo branded ATM machines found on nearly every corner around the five boroughs. Over 1,600 NYC metro locations have USD plus 14 different international currency disbursement capabilities for WF account holders with qualifying debit cards properly set up to withdraw/deposit when traveling abroad. Wells Fargo account benefits provide free access to any WF ATM nationwide for transactions. This adds even more convenience exchanging or accessing money in key currencies like Euros or British Pounds readily without hassling with external money changers while visiting or living here.


Trading currency in a fast-paced global destination like NYC could not be easier thanks to major companies like Travelex or Bank of America alongside regional specialists like Noah Bank and neighborhood players like ACE FX shops meeting tourist demands around Midtown and transport hubs. Whether you need Euros, Yen or Yuan passing through JFK or taking up long-term NYC residency, there are plenty of options to exchange currencies strategically based on daily rates, fees, and customer service experiences matching your travel budgets or cross-border payment needs.

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